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Scrumpanion X Agile Heroes

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Falls du mehr über die Firmenwerte von BESK, die Entstehung von Scrumpanion sowie unsere Einstellung zur Agilität erfahren willst, hör dir die Podcast-Folge von Agile Heroes an um ein bessere Einblick in unseren Unternehmensleben zu bekommen.

Feedback From Our Clients

Jessica Rak - Product Owner, AUDI AG

"I experienced BESK as a highly interdisciplinary team with an immense team spirit. Working with BESK gave me the confidenceto make correct technical and functional decisions and build applications based on cutting- edge technologies."

Armin Keim - Product Owner, AUDI AG

"BESK covers all technological levels of software development:
Data management, business logic, API design, and user interface development. The ability to clearly work through processes and communicatereally sets the BESK team apart."

Dr. David Lantiat Baillargue - Speicherarchitektur BMW Group

“BESK Group has highly specialized expertise in SW/Web applications, which are used in the context of complex projects (e.g. budget and project planning). We utilize these skills in our projects, enabling us to offer modern, powerful, and customer-friendly web platforms."

Simon Mader - Product Owner Scrum Transition MediaMarktSaturn IT Solutions

"BESK's knowledge and enthusiasm has helped us promote agile principles, practices, and mindsetsthroughout our organization."

Highly scalable cloud systems with our DevOps and backend experts

State of the art, platform-independent mobile applications with our UX and frontend experts

Responsive web applications with our UI and design experts

Core Values

Our philosophy is clear and simple: communication within our team and with our clients as fairly and transparently as possible. Our goal, both as a company, and for our individual team members, is to be effective, communicative, and ethical.

Clear, Transparent Communication!

We warmly welcome new ideas, constructive criticism, and ways we can learn and improve. Constructive criticism is objective, concrete, and targeted.

Clear, Transparent Expectations!

Product development is a journey. Markets, business goals, and frameworks are constantly evolving which is precisely why adaptability and transparency are key. We start a sprint with a clear plan, which includes a common understanding of the sprint goal. The review is concluded with a clearly communicated target, comparison, and assessment.

Be More Productive and More Fulfilled!

Our customers and we measure success by the results delivered! Our team has personal freedom and location-independence. This breeds creativity and this privilege requires a disciplined way of working with thorough planning, social skills, and appreciation. This gives us more flexibility and a higher quality of life.

A Robust, Full-Scale Solution!

A crisis brings out one’s true colors. This also applies to software systems. We measure the quality of a system by

  • how it reacts to unexpected circumstances
  • how quickly the support team is informed of possible errors through qualitative reporting and monitoring
  • how qualitatively the system supports the necessary actions with clear messages

Simple Solutions!

For us, professionalism means solving complex problems in a simple way.

Our motto is "If you can't just solve a problem simply, keep thinking until you find a simple solution!"

Systems that we implement solve highly complex problems that are sustainable and easy to use and operate.

Agility is key, for our company and for yours.


AUDI AG / Audi Contacts

Development of a data provider for personal and contact data for more than 10 group companies of AUDI AG.

 – 10-20 Million Requests pro Tag
– Nur 5-10 3rd Level Tickets pro Jahr
– Mandantenfähigkeit
– dynamische Rollen- und Rechteverwaltung
– Mitarbeiter-Lifecycle-Management
– Hohe Performance-Anforderungen
– Anbindung an das Audi IAM
– Build -und Release-Management
– 3rd Level Support

AUDI AG / Cockpit

Development of the integrated collaboration platform of AUDI AG for all information flows, such as

employee functions, responsibilities, news, published documents, public mails, and much more. The aim was to be able to give employees targeted recommendations about colleagues, messages, and documents. It was one of the most modern system landscapes from AUDI AG.

AUDI AG / CI Platform

Establishment of a standardized CI / CD environment for over 100 suppliers and over 200 projects

Continuous expansion through additional components and capabilities (currently 15 components)

In recent years, focus on authentication, authorization, access zone, and integration/use of the AWS cloud infrastructure of AUDI AG

AUDI AG / Architektur-, Code-Review

Code/architecture reviews of various projects

Code and architecture comparison

Specification of the quality improvement measures

Development of decentralized build/deployment environments with connection to the central CI platform

BESK / Scrumpanion - Tool for Remote Scrum Teams

Development of your own product to support Scrum software development for distributed teams

Cross-platform Android / iOS / Web solution with very high integration requirements

Market analysis

Product, license, support, build and release management

Integration of social media marketing with user management taking into account the EU General Data Protection Regulation

MediaMarkt Saturn / POS Development

Migration of old code base with native instructions to JPA with Hibernate

Setting up the Arquillian Wildfly tests for the migration from IBM SolidDB to PostgreSQL


Planning and development of a single sign-on solution based on Keycloak in the PBB Azure Cloud. Connection of external and internal users.


Azure, OpenShift, Keycloak, DevOps, CI/CD, Java


Platforms and Frameworks



Core Team Members


Senior Cloud / System / Software Architect and Developer

Balázs is characterized by robust, high-performance, and maintainable software/cloud architecture design. He is a passionate developer with a focus on the Java Kafka backend. His strengths are domain-driven API design under technical, professional, and organizational aspects. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the automotive and banking industries and other fields as well. He’s graduated with degrees in mechanical engineering, business administration, and computer science, and has an interdisciplinary understanding of these areas. Since 2009 he has been a lecturer at the Technical University of Ingolstadt for Java-based software architecture and design. His broad technical expertise is instrumental in understanding customer requirements and realizing the appropriate software solution.


API design,

Monitoring and Reporting

Software / Cloud Architecture and Development

Technical Project Management



Scrum Master & Agile Coach

Silja is a Scrum Master with several years of experience in establishing, setting up, and leading Scrum teams. Her strength lies in creating a structured and appreciative work environment in which productivity is continuously improved and which creates space for the personal development of team members. Her support shows itself in resolving conflicts and relieving the development team of organizational tasks so that they can concentrate on their core tasks. Silja holds a degree in business administration and possesses a profound understanding of business processes and strategies which are paramount to a company’s success.


Focusing the team on achieving the project and team goals

Scrum Master & Coach

Task and Issue Management

Team Communication Management

Mindful Leadership Trainer


Senior DevOps Engineer, Cloud / System / Software Architect, and Developer

Independent Partner

Oliver advises on finding solutions and designs modern, flexible architecture and development for cloud and web-based systems. He develops based on Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, Python, Docker and Django CMS. His focus is on fully automated processes, CI / CD pipelines, cluster design, load balancing, and infrastructure development.


DevOps Expert

CI/CD Pipeline

System Architecture

Software / Cloud Architecture and Development

Technical Project Management


Senior Software Architect / Developer

Full Stack

Jonas is an extremely versatile IT expert with more than 7 years of experience in the implementation of high-end IT projects as a senior full-stack software architect/developer. He is extremely quality-conscious and with his thoughtful and efficient working style, he is a crucial team member in the development process. He has in-depth expertise in the development of cloud systems, backend technology, mobile technology, and frontend and DevOps.


SoftwareArchitecture and Development

Backend Development:
Java, Spring Boot, JPA, node.js, Docker, REST, WebSocket, Python, AWS, Microservices

Frontend Development:
React, React Native, Release Management in Apple und Google Play Store, Vaadin

Build- und Release Management


Support/ Senior Developer

Full Stack

Péter is an IT professional with more than 30 years of experience in the architecture and implementation of leading software solutions. The foundation of his career as an IT expert is his in-depth experience and knowledge of software architecture, as well as his disciplined and customer-oriented working style. He focuses on the development and connection of enterprise resource planning systems, as well as the development and implementation of complex online cash register systems.


Backend Development:
Java, Spring Boot, JPA, node.js, Docker, REST

Frontend Development:
React, React Native

Build- und Release Management


Senior Software Architect / Developer

Full Stack

Christopher has more than 8 years of experience in architecture and implementation of leading software solutions. His focus is on customer and team satisfaction. He is an agile and pragmatic developer who prides himself on choosing the best tool for every job, and his ability to make adjustments to new processes in light of product requirements. His expertise is the provision of the infrastructure in the cloud, as well as the best possible test and integration environment and on-demand load test environment.


DevOps / Cloud Software Architecture and Development

Build Management for Backend, Frontend, and Mobile

Backend Development:
Java, Spring Boot, JPA, node.js, Docker, REST, WebSocket, AWS, Microservices

Frontend Development:
React, React Native, Release Management in Apple und Google Play Store



Dorottya is responsible for online marketing and digital sales processes and is characterized by her very structured and agile approach. She utilizes leading tools and platforms such as Mailchimp, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Firebase statistics.


Social Media Marketing via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing

Newsletter Management with Mailchimp Agile Scrum-Based Approach

Provision of Complex KPIs for Management


UI/UX & Webdesign

Independent Partner

Florian is a highly skilled UI design developer with extensive UX experience. His portfolio includes the design and implementation of graphic elements for responsive web and mobile applications. He has extensive experience in web development and domain management. His expertise also extends to wireframing and the coordination of AB testing with the team and the key users.


Wireframing, Figma

Graphic Designer, WordPress, Divi, Adobe Design Tools, Hotjar

Domain Management Godaddy, WordPress

Tünde Teller


Tünde is the backbone of the company. She supports us in overcoming financial challenges. She is a key figure in keeping BESK up to date. She manages the general financial and control processes of the entire group of companies.


International Cost Center Controlling

Financial Processes