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At ENDIcon, we believe that complex problems often have simple solutions. We make a solid IT solution from the ground up, with your guidance and vision as our compass.
Your company is unique, so your software must be also.

Businesses who trust us
and haveworked with us


    Powerful REST WebServices provide security checked personal data. Multiclustered Job-queue background processing.


    Realization of Basel III. requirements (co-working). Implementation of the technical calculation platform for liquidity risks.


    Design and development of a laser-based eye scanner's data processing.


    Co-working on design and implementation of an autonomous cashier system.

automotive bank healthcare retail

Individual Software Solutions

ENDIcon GmbH is located in Bavaria, Germany. Our agile team produces software with a focus on measurable results by utilizing Scrum methodology with the following options:

• The customer is integrated as the product owner into our team
• We join the customer-owned Scrum team as responsible for stories or epics


ENDIcon is offering the following internal trainings for employees.

New requirements for agile software architecture.
New routines for modern technologies to Improve the flexibility of software architecture.
Examples are based on Spring and EJB3. (JBoss)


  • Spring Framework Core
  • Spring Batch Lightweight workflow control
  • Test-driven architecture (based on dependency injection via Spring)
  • Hibernate Integration with Spring
  • EJB3 Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 using JBoss
  • RCP Eclipse Rich Client Platform
Cutting Edge Technology We Proudly Use